Environmental Management

ITM fully meets compliance requirements in accordance to regulations and standards related to the environment. In the spirit of becoming a good citizen of the world of business, the Company strives to implement it in earnest.

Environmental assessment is conducted periodically by external as well as internal parties to identify every potential findings of indications of non-compliance in order for appropriate preventive and improvement measures to be applied.

All ITM subsidiaries meet compliance requirements of PROPER assessment as required by the Ministry of the Environment in regards to AMDAL, air quality management, water quality management, Bahan Berbahaya dan Beracun (B3/ Hazardous and Toxic Material) waste  control and control over mining sites. As for the assessment results at the regional level, all ITM company subsidiaries in the East Kalimantan Province have met compliance standards in the Regional PROPER assessment.

Understanding that mining activities have an impact on the environment, ITM has established a process of former mining site reclamation that was planned prior to the operating phase which ran throughout the operational phase up to the phase of closing mines. The company has prepared the Mining Reclamation Plan document and Mining Closure Plan document that details all plans and activities that must be conducted. The document has been submitted to the government as a plan to implement mine rehabilitation and closure.