Notification 2014

Download The Responsibility for The Consolidated Financial Statements for the Years Ended 31 December 2012 an - PDF File 52.76KB

Download Notification on Resignation of the Internal Audit Head - PDF File 22.83KB

Download Signed Memorandum of Understanding on the Addendum of Coal Contract of Work - PDF File 34.83KB

Download PT Indominco Mandiri (an ITM Subsidiary) Received A Memorandum of Re-Review - PDF File 32.73KB

Download The Results of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders - PDF File 274.43KB

Download Evidence of AGMS Result - PDF File 137.77KB

Download Report on Mineral Resrouces and Coal Reserves PT ITM Tbk. (through subsidiaries) as of 31th Desember - PDF File 1.1MB

Download Report of the Utulization of Proceeds from IPO 30th June 2014 - PDF File 670.45KB

Download Notification of the Appointment of Internal Audit Chairman - PDF File 22.83KB

Download Establishment of Subsidiary Company or New Association Company - PDF File 353.02KB

Download Notification on the Resignation of Mr. Sean T Pellow as director of PT ITM Tbk. - PDF File 664.87KB

Download Notification on Resignation of Mr Hartono Widjaja as director of PT ITM Tbk. - PDF File 357.46KB

Download Evidence of Dividend Interim Payment Ad - PDF File 135.52KB

Download Schedule of Interim Dividend Payment - PDF File 135.52KB

Download Notification of Afiliated Transaction by PT ITM Tbk.' Subsidiary - PDF File 1.03MB

Download Explanation on the Volatility of Shares Trading - PDF File 858.68KB

Download Notification of the Afiliated Transaction by PT ITM Tbk.'s Subsidiary - PDF File 52.82KB

Download Report on the Receipt of Request of Bankruptcy Statement - PDF File 49.64KB

Download Application of Revocation on Suspension of Company Shares Trading - PDF File 31.09KB