ITM for Education

ITM is aware that a business entity’s presence cannot be separate from the community. The term ‘society’ has a broader meaning than ‘community’ that is present around the operation area.

The meaning is in line the Company’s good will to provide wider benefits for the stakeholders.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) toward the society and nation, ITM implements CSR programs at the national level whereas society development programs are meant for the environment surrounding ITM mining sites. These programs are the realization of the Company’s commitment to share and mutually empower existing potential in the society to achieve a better livelihood.

Launched in 2008 under the ‘Spread Knowledge, Achieve Dreams’ theme, the ‘ITM for Education’ is meant to encourage the improvement of education quality in Indonesia. Three sub-programs, namely: ‘Mining for Children’, ‘Volunteer Action’ and ‘Smart Teaching’ program has become the spearhead of executing the aforementioned activity. Mining for Children is designed to reach young children as well as elementary school students directly, whereas Volunteer Action is an empowerment measure for volunteers, while Smart Teaching centers around teachers through a holistic approach that is characteristically for capacity building.

Mining for Children

The 'Mining for Children' program aims to disseminate an understanding of the ins and outs of coal mining, for the children of rural and urban areas as well as broaden their scientific horizons. Beginning with the publication of story book about coal, followed by elementary school visits to describe the contents of the book through story-telling as well as conduct experiments and games. The results are real; children welcome the activity and have become ‘friends of mines’.
While teaching them about the mining industry, they are also introduced to the notion of environmental conservation and ecologically friendly energy resources that raises their awareness about how they should be proud of their fertile and rich motherland, Indonesia.

In addition to providing basic knowledge, this activity also helps bring more insight about career paths in the world of mining and inspires them with love of science.

Volunteer Action

The Volunteer Action program is a capacity building program designed specifically for teachers and volunteers in non-formal education that runs activities in the Jabodetabek (Jakarta Bogor Depok Tangerang Bekasi) area. The program aims to increase the quality of teaching of teachers and volunteers in providing alternative education for their students in workshops and seminars.

Some of the teaching materials are related to motivation and inspiration for children in the management of PAUD [Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini/educating children under 6 years old], management of a mini library, storytelling method for children under 6 years old, teaching creatively with props, etc.

Smart Teaching

The Smart Teaching program aims to provide a skills training facility for elementary school teachers in various places in Indonesia. In this activity, the teachers learn about creative teaching, library management, teaching through reading aloud, communicating with students, ethics and morals.

ITM has held workshops for teachers in Jakarta and Kalimantan near the company’s operations and has received meaningful support from the Department of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia.