Policies Related to Vendor Selection

Policies related to vendor selection 

Policies related to vendor selection in ITM is based on ITM Procurement policies which :

Enable the efficiency of Procurement management system that is accurately, timely, transparently and in compliance with the Good Corporate Governance, Code of Conduct and the business ethics policies by the following practices :

Also to open the fair competition opportunities, while treating all vendors in equal. There shall not be restricting or obstructing to any vendor unless the specific requirement. And, there must be open opportunities allowing for the maximum number. Evaluated and decision is taken base on the balance of the Technical, Quality, Response, Delivery and Cost Method.

To ensure such vendors are qualified to support the best practices for the company and to the international standard of the procurement management and services, vendor qualification screening process is conduct base on the data performance such as legal entity document (NPWP, SIUP, TDP, etc) and commecial terms; quality commitment (such ISO 9001, or other quality achievement); enviroment commitment (such as 14001 or others eviroment achievement) and safety commitment (such as ISO 18001 or other safety achievement).