Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company operating in energy sector, PT Indo Tambangraya Megah, Tbk. (“ITM”) is completely aware of implementation of social and environmental responsibility being its main concern to promote the company’s vision and mission as follow:


Delivering sustainable, quality and affordable energy products and services.


Implementing operational activities in an appropriate and responsible manner towards sustainability is the basic principle to ITM and its subsidiaries. ITM is committed to running business ethically in social, economic and environmental aspects to allow its contribution to the wider scope of sustainable development goals for stakeholders.

This commitment is instilled in the company’s core value, ‘BANPU Heart’, which is manifested as the platform to all employees in running the company business. Furthermore, ITM also aims at demonstrating such responsibility through its corporate actions and policies as follow :

  1. Apply corporate good governance principles, comply with applicable regulations, and uphold social norms and human rights principles.
  2. Apply fair operational practices, including paying full attention to consumer and employment issues.
  3. Take into account voices of stakeholders, including engagement of local community around operational areas and develop with them.
  4. Run transparent, accountable management system as one of the efforts towards continuous improvement.
  5. Integrate social and environmental responsibility activities into the organisation, in which they serve as part of the organisation’s operational activities.
  6. Ensure that all employees understand this policy, refer to it as a guideline and communicate it within all levels and activities of the organization.

This policy will take effect as of the date of its issuance and always be subject to regular review, taking into account the company’s operational conditions and business necessity.

Signed by President Director of PT Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk on 1 April 2019.