Quality Management

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ITM has currently obtained ISO Standard 9001:2008 certification for three mines namely PT Indominco Mandiri (2003), PT Kitadin (Tandung Mayang) (2005),andPT Jorong Barutama Greston (2008).

ITM increases its efforts to obtain TPM certification through focus on enhancement of production equipment maintanence system. In November 2010, PT Indominco Mandiri obtained a Level 2 CTPM Australasia, whereas PT Kitadin (Tandung Mayang) obtained a Level 3. This indicates that ITM is an efficient and productive company. The other ITM mines have also applied a system management framework for preparations.

ITM is also aware that innovation is the key to sustainable improvement. Employees at all levels are encouraged to participate in the quality activities and contribute toward higher efficiency and effectiveness through a system of integrated improvement activities which contains all creative and innovative proposals from individuals or the team to be acknowledged and appreciated.

In order to spur new ideas and spirit of innovation, since 2009, the KOMPAK (Kelompok Peningkatan Aktifitas Kerja/Group to Increase Work Activity) Program was developed to spur the innovation of employees in groups. The ITM KOMPAK group received various awards in various national as well as international quality conventions. Superiority of ITM performance in quality management has been recognized with the acquisition of a number of national as well as international awards.